Skepticism for Breakfast

Maybe my skepticism stems from being a Giants fan. My beloved Orange and Black have left me heart broken many times, but I never leave their side. That’s the definition of loyalty right?? Maybe not in real life…that would be the definition of Stupid, but in “baseball life” that’s how love goes. You’re probably wondering what I am so skeptical about that I had to devote an entry to it. The answer is…was Buster Posey. And not just Buster, but rookie phenoms in general. My feelings were the same for Jason Heyward, and then I watched as he homered in his fist major league at bat. I honestly got goose bumps watching his family, who were in attendance, jumping up and down in celebratory insanity. Then comes this guy Strusselberger?…or Strausenheim?…Strasburg? something like that. Anyway, he comes in and strikes out 14 batters in seven innings in what many are calling the greatest MLB debut for a pitcher all time!

          In Buster’s first start this season he had 3 hits and 3 RBIs in an amazing season debut. Since being called up he has started every game (13), his average is.429 with 7 RBIs and 1 HR (an absolute bomb!). He has proven to me in 13 games that he is a solid hitter. Not just from his high BA, but his swagger as well. He looks more comfortable at the plate than I do when I’m snuggled in bed, he is just as comfortable hitting in a 0-2 count as he is hitting in a 3-1 count, and he can hit to every part of the field. I guess I need to see a player in action at the big league level before I can give in to the hype. Don’t get me started on NFL first round picks getting long term $50 Million+ contracts before setting foot on the NFL stage. What up JaMarcus! Baseball is doing it the right way. Get drafted, spend some time in the minors, get called up, prove your worth, THEN get paid! Take Lincecum for example, he won back to back CY Youngs in his first 2 full seasons all while getting paid close to league minimum. He proved himself, NOW he gets his fat contract. Of course there are exceptions to that sequence, but they are few and far between. Any way, back to Posey. He, as well as the Heyward, Stausburg and some others I have not mentioned have shattered my expectations. I think it is time to eat my skepticism! All of it…every last bit of it! From here on out I am Mr. Optimism! After all, one cannot be a pessimist without once being an optimist…right??

          Tonight Zito continues our quest for vengeance against our AL counterpart. WE MUST SWEEP!!!

-Buster’s #1 fan

“Downs” with the Padres!

Matt Downs is a gamer!! Have you seen this guy at the plate?? What a beautiful swing this kid has! You wouldn’t know it by looking at his stats, but he is rippin’ line drives more often than not. One problem…he’s been hitting them right at defenders. Eventually those are going to turn into big hits. Just like last night when he came up with a HUGE 12th inning 2-run double to put the Giants up 6-4 over the “Giant Killers” (Padres). He’s pretty handy with the leather also! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ kid!


I cannot continue to write without mentioning Andreas Torres. This guy has made a huge difference at the plate and in left field. Last night’s 2-run jack in the 8th to tie it was HUGE! From what everyone has said, PETCO Park does not give away homeruns. Torres wouldn’t be the first guy you would expect to hit it out, but he nailed it and it wasn’t even close! It seems like he also makes a diving catch every game too!


Side Notes: Our skid at the “PET Cemetery” is over!! We haven’t won there since 2008. We scored our first runs of the season against Mat Latos. Why it took so long I don’t know… He is a descent pitcher but nothing special from what I’ve seen. The Padres are not a great team. They have had a great start but that’s as far as its going to go. My guess is that they will lose first place after their trip to Dodger Stadium and will never get it back! I’m not saying the Giants are the team of the west, I’m just sayin’ it aint the Padres. Eugenio Velez, I curse you, I praise you, I don’t know what to think of you sometimes. You got the job done last night, great job, but you look like a damn slob!! TUCK YOUR FREAKIN’ SHIRT IN!!! If you want to play in the Big Leagues then start looking like a Big Leaguer. I have much more to write about but running short on time. Let’s go take some BP against those Diamond Backs!! Go Giants!

Giants Baseball…Torture!!!

I’m sure the will be hundreds of Giants blogs with this title after today’s game since the phrase has been coined by the great Kruk & Kuip this season. In fact, I don’t think one can accurately title a post about today’s game with any other headline. Brian Wilson, I love ya, but ya maka me crazy!! I am going to find the stat that says how many saves Wilson records after loading the bases. If anyone can help me out on that one please do. Anyway…He stepped up when it was all on the line, and after a 15 pitch battle with Matsui he came out on top, Lincecum finally gets his 5th win. Now on to Juan Uribe. There was a time last season that I didn’t care for Uribe much. During a Giants-Dodger matchup I bet my Dodger fan buddy that we would win the three game series. Loser had to wear the other teams hat into work the next day. We split the first two so game three was the deciding game. During game three, Uribe made two costly errors at shortstop (one of which he dropped a routine fly-ball) and struck out two or three times. So I’m M-F’n him the whole game, not only because we are losing, but I’m in danger of having to wear a Dodger hat to work! (ggggaaaagggg) Then…bottom of the 9th he hits a walkoff home run, Giants win, I win, all is well. Since then he has become a better player all around and a huge part of our offense. He came up big again today against Oswalt. I wonder what’s going to happen when both Renteria and F. Sanchez are healthy. Uribe does not belong on the bench.

Lets finish the sweep tomorrow boys!



Broken Home

Being swept in San Diego is one thing, but at AT&T Park where we have won 10 of the 15 games played this season!! I don’t know if we are just slumping, if the Padres are really that good, or a combination of both. Poor Jonathan Sanchez has pitched phenomenal in both outings against the Padres and he’s got an 0-2 record against them to show for it. Here is a look at his state line against San Diego this season:

IP         H         ER       BB       SO       ERA       RECORD

15        4          2          4          15        1.20        0-2   

Whatever…it happened, its over, now lets move on. Lets break up Houston’s 4 game win streak and get back to our winning ways! Go Giants!

Barry Disappointed

Did anyone really expect Zito to start 6-0? As a fan that expects his team to go 162-0 before the season starts, yes. As a rationalist, of course not! He didn’t pitch how I wanted him to last night, but he pitched like I expected him to. I expected him to give up hits and give up 3-4 earned runs, but seven walks in five innings was a bit much. If the Padres don’t leave 27 runners on base throughout the game, Zito gives up six or seven earned runs. Give him credit for getting out of a couple jams. I am not disappointed in Zito, he has pitched stellar thus far and will continue to do so, but you can’t win ’em all. I not even disappointed that we fell to the division leaders. Remember back to last season, San Diego started strong but finished 12 games under .500. I don’t think they are a realistic competitor in the NL West. I am disappointed however, that we only scored two runs on the Padre pitching staff. Nothing leaves a bad taste in my mouth like a low-scoring, one run loss.


Some positives: Congrats to Mr. Whiteside on his first career steal! Triples by Pablo and Uribe will hopefully ignite their bats. The way Huff broke his bat over his knee was pretty freakin awesome! Game 2 stars in a few hours, let even this series up boys! Go Giants!

Never a dull moment… until ESPN announcers start talking

Wow!! My respect-o-meter for matt Cain just went off the scale!! Rarely have I seen a pitcher dig himself into such a big hole then regain composure and end the inning without giving up any runs. He definately made the game interesting. Of course he was saved by Ishikawa’s play of the game double-play and the all-round great defense we had today, but nontheless, kudos Mr.Cain and the rest of tonights pitching staff! it was great to see Brian Wilson come through tonight after getting beat up a couple times.

I was also pumped to see Kevin Frandsen called back up, it’s been cool watching him play in Fresno.

Anyway, what I really wanted to comment on was the rediculous comentary from Joe Morgan and that other gray hair dude. Although I don’t think anyone can call a game better than Kruk and Kuip, I was actually looking forward to hearing ESPN call a Giants game to maybe get some different prospective. But all I heard was them yap about why the mets don’t have a clear leader on there team… FOR 2 FREAKIN INNINGS!! Who the f cares? I think they even talked straight through a few plays. I have never watched a baseball game on mute before but I was left no choice. I’m sure I will read tons of comments on tonights commentary on Giants blogs, maybe even Mets blogs. Whatever… Giants won, thats all that matters.


Get me away from Dodger fans!!

Nothing is worse for a Giants fan than to be surrounded by Dodger fans. A little background: I reside in Fresno which is generally divided between Giants and Dodger fans due to our central location. The owners of the company I work for are from the LA area so natuarlly, Dodger fans, 90 percent of my co-workers, Dodger fans. Did they list it on their resume? (The other 10 percent could care less about baseball) My only outlet for Giants talk is my beloved wife who, bless her heart, is still learning to appreciate baseball on a level that goes deeper than just the rules of the game and who is winning or losing.

So I have decided to dabble into blogging. I was first inspired by reading Bengie’s blog, I will talk about that at a later time, then I started reading other Giants fans’ blogs and really liked what I read. Hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile and get intouch with other Giants fans. Until next time…